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PRODUCT DETAILS Cross Shaft Power Press
809,Industrial Area B,Ludhiana,Punjab(141003)
0161-2532938, 2533899, 5121149
ISO Certified
ISO 9001:2015

Cross Shaft Power Press

‘AMCO' Cross Shaft open Front Power Press

‘AMCO’ Gap Frame Cross Shaft Presses
available in fix or adjustable stroke
length, Geared or Ungeared

Capacity - 35 To 315 Tons.


Product Features

Open Front Power press with fly wheel & spur reduction gear attachment provided with motorised or manual RAM adjustment front to back crankshaft with triple bearings. Pneumatically operated clutch and brake unit.

Press is provided with mechanical or hydraulic overload safety device.

Used for blanking, piercing, clipping bending, deep drawing & can be fitted with auto feeds.